Resources for beginners classes

The following links to youtube clips are selected to follow up on each week's lesson during the beginners series of classes. They generally support the main topic of the week's lesson. They are not all from our style of aikido, they have been selected because they illustrate what we talk about and learn during each class.

Week 1    Introduction

Click here    Introduction to aikido, Dunken Francis

Click here    Aikido explained, its history and purpose

Week 2    Rolling (ukemi)

Click here    Systema method for forward rolls

Click here    Aikido roll basics, Artie Lynnworth

Week 3    Roles of nage and uke

Click here    Aikido uke and ukemi lesson part 1 (10 minutes)

Click here    Uke training in aikido (contact is like a bridge between nage and uke)

Week 4    Tenkan

Click here    Patricia Hendricks demonstrates a number of techniques, the first two are illustrative of tenkan (in her style of aikido they call it tai no henko) (4 minutes)

Week 5   Attacks

Click here   How to do good aikido attacks, Joel Lindstrom

Week 6   Ki

Click here   Let the ki flow / MasaKatsuaiki (9 minutes)

Week 7

Click here   Patricia Hendricks

Week 8

Click here   Iwao Tamura Sensei demonstrating katatedori tenkan kokyunage at a basic level, and a bit faster. This is one of the grading techniques – which I am sure you will recognise!

Click here   Former international chief instructor Michael Williams demonstrating katate kosadori kokyunage – also one of the 7th kyu grading techniques.

Week 9    Bokken kata

Click here    Ken-gi one – what is bokken form

Click here    Sword of the Dream from Aikido Yuishinkai Glasgow

Week 10   Wrap up

Click here     Master Koretoshi Maruyama Aikido Yuishinkai seminar 2008 – a sampler

Click here     Michael Williams Sensei Aikido Arts (3  minutes)