Welcome to Rimutaka Aikido

Aikido is a modern martial art that teaches self-defence techniques that do not rely on strength or speed. It is a martial art that is suited for people of all ages, sizes and genders. As well as learning practical self-defence, Aikido is a great way to improve your fitness, flexibility, confidence, concentration and has application to many aspects of daily life.

This Japanese martial art and self-defense system uses throwing, joint locks and pinning techniques in training.  We also train with traditional Japanese weapons such as the sword (bokken), staff (jo) and knife (tanto). We aim to turn an attacker's strength and momentum against the attacker. Unlike some other martial arts, strength and size are not really relevant in aikido. Timing and balance are important skills that we develop in training. 

If you have any questions or want to know more about our club and whether Aikido might be right for you please contact us.

The Rimutaka Aikido Club is based in Upper Hutt. We train once a week on Wednesday evenings and we welcome new students and aikidoka from all styles and levels of experience.